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to the streets to protest and a tax of up to 10% on their life savings. on sunday, fresh protests erupted. on cyprus withre the economist richard wolff after the headlines. and your report says the cia has been supporting a vast expansion in the flow of weapons to syrian rebels fighting president bashar al-assad. the new york times reports the airlift of arms and equipment to the rebels, largely overseen by turkey, has massively increased since early 2012 to include more than 160 flights in jordanian, saudi and qatari planes. u.s. intelligence officers have helped shop for weapons and have vetted rebel groups to decide who gets the arms. the cia's covert backing comes despite the obama administration's public support for solely non-lethal aid to the rebels. meanwhile, the cia has further increased its role in syria by feeding intelligence to rebel fighters for use against the syrian government. the wall street journal reports the move comes as part of the u.s. effort to tamp down on islamist militants in syria by aiding secular forces. secretary of state john kerry has urged iraq to take
is contributing significantly to the calorie level for that person, we then are taxing the liver and we're taxing the kidneys. an individual may not be aware of having any kind of liver or kidney problem, but may be pushed over the edge because they're not being medically supervised. ralph cygan: the biggest consequence of diets like this is that it perpetuate the yo-yo cycle of dieting. many of these diets, the patients will lose a few pounds-- they'll lose some water weight perhaps, but then quickly, they'll become very frustrated because there's nothing fundamentally different about their eating behavior, their exercise behavior. it may be that this dieting may be contributing to increased obesity, because in my work, for example, a study i did with african-american women, three generations-- look at the number of times these women have dieted and regained weight. and the more often they have dieted and regained, the higher their weight is. penny weismuller: i would lose weight, but i couldn't learn how to keep it off. and i would gain more weight, and i just got into that cycle that you read
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)